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Security Packaging

Counterfeit products are rampant issues for businesses globally that result in harms to both the economy and consumers respectively. An anti-clone label is an anti-counterfeiting solution for industries such as F&B, pharmaceutical, beauty, technology and others, to fight against unethical counterfeit products. Anti-clone labels will continue to evolve as time passes, the same goes for EAN Label. We specially design anti-clone labels for security protection that caters to your brand’s needs. Our labels help brand owners in reducing counterfeit issues by generating a non-repeat “security pin code” with numeric numbers in order to ensure every packaging for every product is under high-security protection. Advantages of anti-clone labels that will benefit your company whilst maintaining the company’s reputations: - User-friendly for both brands and customers - High-security anti-counterfeiting - Protect consumer from harmful counterfeit product - Protect branding & company - Additional function: marketing purposes and tracking agent history